Common eye health issues found in teens

Throughout the teenage years the body enters puberty which can cause drastic changes to your vision. The importance of your eye health can often be overlooked as homework and school activities become a priority. However, understanding why you should prioritize your vision care is essential to either maintain healthy vision or treat prolonging eye diseases. 

Typical eye conditions found in teens

Three eye conditions that are normally discovered in teens include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

  • Myopia refers to nearsightedness and leads to struggles seeing from far away.
  • Hyperopia refers to farsightedness and leads to struggles seeing at close distances.
  • Astigmatism refers to the cornea forming an abnormal shape. It is hereditary and can be passed on by a family member. You are unable to see clearly at long and short distances.

If you are looking to correct these vision impairments, then opting for glasses or contacts may be your best options. Your doctor will disclose what option is best suited for your prescription and eye shape. 

At this stage of adolescence, teens are in sports activities that may require them to be outside for extended periods of time. This raises concern as they become exposed to other dangerous eye health complications including:

  • UV light damage– If you are out in the sun UV light can lead to corneal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Make sure to wear SPF, protective eye wear, and a good moisturizer.
  • Dry eye syndrome– This refers to your eyes not producing enough tears. It can cause inflammation and blurry vision.
  • Digital eye strain– This refers to vision problems from prolonged usage of technological devices such as your laptop or iPhone.
  • Scratched cornea– This occurs due to a sports related injury.

Families and teens should be privy to the conditions that can be detrimental to eye health. 

Tips to maintain healthy vision

To enact healthy eye habits here are few tips you should follow:

  1. Stay away from junk food. Maintaining an unhealthy diet that consists of junk food can lead to constricted blood flow in the arteries. Your vision can become severely affected as the blood vessels that are connected to the eyes begin to have constrictions. 
  2. Be careful in makeup application and your hair care routine. When doing your makeup, it is important to wash your face and have a good moisturizer. All lotions should be applied away from the eye area. Wash your makeup brushes, and beauty blenders at least once a week. Only put your contacts on before starting your makeup to avoid contamination. If applying hair spray and other hair products apply your contacts after the process is completed.
  3. Eat foods that are rich in nutrients. To maintain healthy vision a few foods you should incorporate in your diet include carrots, kale, red bell peppers, salmon, and oysters.

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